This tutorial is an introduction to survival analysis using computation rather than math.

This material is a work in progress, so your feedback is welcome. The best way to provide that feedback is to click here and create an issue in this GitHub repository.

Videos and Slides

I presented this tutorial for PyData Global 2021.

Here are the slides I presented

And Here is the video.

The notebooks

For each of the notebooks below, you have two options: if you view the notebook on NBViewer, you can read it, but you can’t run the code. If you run the notebook on Colab, you’ll be able to run the code, do the exercises, and save your modified version of the notebook in a Google Drive (if you have one).

Notebook 1

Light Bulbs: The first notebook introduces PMFs, CDFs, survival functions and hazard function, using light bulb lifetimes as an example.

Notebook 2

Kaplan-Meier Estimation: The second notebook introduces Kaplan-Meier estimation, using a dog shelter as an example.

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